GDC 2016: Magid’s Vorhaus Sees VR As A Big Part Of Gaming’s Future

In an interview for “The Bloomberg Advantage,” Magid Advisors President Mike Vorhaus discussed highlights from the Game Developer’s Conference last week in San Francisco last week and the emergence of virtual reality.

Vorhaus said this year’s introduction of several important pieces of VR hardware gave the technology a high profile at this year’s GDC. He indicated the technology and price points are leading to some strong interest levels — reflecting what Magid has seen in its recent consumer research related to virtual reality

“It starts with the Sony VR which can work with tens of millions of PlayStations,” said Vorhaus. “That’s good deal for the consumer. The Vibe and Gear VR also look very good.”

Overall, he added the Oculus Rift has the highest awareness level in Magid research.

When it comes to adoption of VR headsets, Vorhaus thinks the technology penetration will come in phases, starting with those have to have it now.

“They’re willing to pay somewhat higher prices, willing to stand in line or preorder immediately. That includes a lot of gamers, for sure,” Vorhaus said.

But virtual reality will likely expand far beyond gaming in short order.

“We did some recent work for Jaunt that showed interest in TV and movies for VR together actually exceeded the interest in gaming with VR devices.”

Beyond that, Vorhaus said he expects virtual reality to take off quickly for a range of purposes.

“I think people will want to social network in VR. Training will be huge. Teaching people to fix a car, for instance. The things people go to on YouTube now, they’ll be able to do those things in three dimensions.”