Strategic Consulting Services


Frank N. Magid Associates works with both line of business and C-level executives to implement multi-phase strategy engagements that can include improving or expanding existing business models or creating new business models. Our strategy engagements include a comprehensive internal assessment of past and current strategies and goals across disciplines along with an extensive external analysis of the competitive landscape, industry and non-industry best practices, media platforms, and emerging technologies. These elements inform the develop of new or enhanced business models that are tested via B2B and B2C market research and built out in a formalized strategic plan.

Magid applies unique strategic frameworks to developing media strategies for non-media industries that align content development with opportunities across distribution platforms and the media consumption behaviors of target audiences.

How We Are Unique

Our unique strategic engagement process, combined with our consumer lens and media expertise make Magid unlike any other strategy consulting firm.

Consumer Lens

Magid’s understanding of how communication affects human behavior provides us with a unique consumer lens through which we analyze and develop strategies.

This perspective and the integration of our research expertise into the strategic development process differentiates us from other consulting firms.

Media Expertise

We understand how to leverage the unique content and distribution capabilities of each platform and how to identify, reach, and engage target markets. We know what has worked and what has failed and can leverage this experience to identify best practices and analyze the strategies of competitors. Whether working with mobile carriers to develop content and ad standards or re-engineering business models of traditional media companies, Magid is on the forefront of innovation across many industries. Our ability to drive creative solutions is critical to profitability amidst nascent media business models and a saturated marketing landscape.