Frank N. Magid Associates’ involvement in the mobile landscape has been substantial ever since our work to develop mobile content standards for CTIA in 2005. Since then, Magid has worked with mobile content providers and advertisers, infrastructure service providers, wireless device manufacturers and software developers, regulators, associations, investors, and all of the top wireless carriers in the US. Applying its expertise of the mobile landscape, Magid helps clients to align their products, services, and content with the mobile consumption habits of their market and the unique capabilities of the mobile platform. These engagements have resulted in successful mobile applications, new mobile advertising models, increased brand engagement on mobile devices, and highly successful investments in the mobile space.

Leveraging our consumer lens and mobile expertise, Magid works with clients to drive revenues through a broad range of strategic and tactical capabilities, including: 

  • Mobile product development and usability testing
  • Identification and understanding of key mobile opportunities, including location-based services, social media, mobile commerce, mobile wagering, and coupons
  • Development of a mobile content strategy, including the development of mobile video programming, games, and applications
  • Analysis of mobile content consumption behaviors by customer segments, including different generations and ethnicities
  • Identification of investment opportunities based on consumer usage trends, advertiser sentiment, market size, and revenue potential
  • Partnerships with major wireless carriers to develop content and advertising policies and audits for app stores and carrier decks
  • Research and analysis of opportunities for emerging mobile devices including e-readers and the iPad

Case Study

Leveraging Magid's Mobile Expertise, Unique Perspective, and Capabilities to Identify Opportunities in the Mobile Location-Based Advertising Landscape

A division of a leading US wireless carrier that develops and provides geographic information systems wanted to analyze the location-based advertising space to guide their branding, product development and advertising strategies. Applying its mobile expertise and strategic insights, Frank N. Magid Associates conducted an exhaustive deep dive of the location-based advertising landscape, including an analysis of competitors and best practice models in and outside of the industry. Magid also conducted executive interviews with media buyers, ad agency buyers, and advertisers to identify the needs, attitudes and behaviors towards location-based advertising, and the current and future intent to invest in location-based advertising. Magid’s unique perspective of key audience, advertising and technology trends across media platforms provided a filter to analyze the viability and growth potential of the opportunities. The landscape analysis, primary research and Magid’s recommendations guided the client’s entrance strategy into mobile advertising. The success of the engagement has led the firm to continue to leverage Magid’s media and strategic expertise to inform several other key mobile advertising strategies.