Consumer Perspectives

For the last fifty-three years, Frank N. Magid Associates has carefully studied human behavior and how communication affects it. We possess an uncanny understanding of what and how marketing and communication will motivate people to behave in certain ways. This understanding provides us with a unique customer lens through which we analyze and develop strategies that successfully change consumer attitudes and prompt behavioral change in a way that leads to optimized business performance.

Magid’s consumer lens is continually enhanced by the experience garnered from thousands of research and consulting engagements every year. In addition, Magid conducts several major internal research initiatives throughout the year that explore generational trends and track changing consumer attitudes and behaviors towards media, entertainment, communications, advertising, technology, and consumer buying processes. Some of these insights include:

  • Profiles of generations and the differences in their attitudes and behaviors towards content, advertising, technology, and consumer buying processes
  • Consumer attitudes and behaviors towards content and advertising across traditional and new media platforms
  • Consumer attitudes and behaviors towards key content areas including news and information, entertainment, and pop culture trends
  • The impact of brand, advertising, media, and other drivers on the buying process
  • The impact of the economy on purchase behaviors, news and entertainment consumption, and overall well being

These insights and our practical experience executing consumer focused strategies constantly enhance our unique consumer perspective to optimize the insights we bring to client engagements.