Programming Strategy

Frank N. Magid Associates applies our deep insight into the mindset of viewers and our extensive knowledge of the television landscape to help television producers align program content, scheduling, and promotions with the needs and preferences of viewers and advertisers. Magid also uses audience research to inform content and scheduling changes or to track storyline changes to build an audience for a new program, retain an audience, or compete with other programs. To complement these efforts, Magid’s television consultants actively guide the implementation of programming strategies to ensure high ratings, including exhaustive daily analyses and feedback of program content.  A programming strategy engagement answers a number of critical questions, including:

  • What are the needs and preferences of target audiences in terms of programming content?
  • What television scheduling strategies should be employed to optimize the attraction and retention of target audiences?
  • How do programming changes impact the attitudes and behaviors of viewers? 

Case Study

Developing Programming Strategies and Best Practices to Increase Pre- and Post-Game Sports Television Ratings

Following a period of underperformance by its internally operated pre-game/post-game television program, an NFL team asked Frank N. Magid Associates to investigate the alignment of the program’s talent and content with the preferences of viewers. As a leader in both sports programming and media strategies, Magid devised programming “best practices” and a strategy that used local TV station programming instead of the program's internal production department. As a result, viewers noted major improvements in the program's content and talent, resulting in higher pre-game and post-game ratings for the local TV station.