Advertising Effectiveness

Frank N. Magid Associates provides research that analyzes advertising effectiveness across multiple platforms, devices, and ad formats. This research then informs strategic recommendations that result in optimized advertising ROI and strengthened brand equity. An assessment of a company’s advertising effectiveness will address many questions, including:

  • Does the client's creative execution reinforce the brand in a positive way? 
  • What is the impact of various ad formats on ad effectiveness, recall, level of engagement, and brand lift?
  • Is the client employing the most effective media mix?
  • How does ad effectiveness differ across platforms, ad formats, and target audiences?

Case Study

Creating an Effective Advertising Pricing Model for a Video On Demand Content Provider

A video on demand (VOD) content provider faced a challenge in pricing its pre-roll, overlay, post-roll, and integrated ads used in its “30 Minute Workout” videos. Lacking more formal, Nielsen-based ad pricing models, Frank N. Magid Associates was engaged to conduct ad recall studies and research the effectiveness of various ad types, ad placement, viewer profiles, and purchase intent. Magid’s results were then shared with potential advertisers to serve as an equivalent to traditional ratings. In providing hard data for the client to use with prospective advertisers, Magid was a key contributor in helping the client price advertising on a platform that previously lacked meaningful viewer and ad effectiveness data.